Friday, January 26, 2007

The IFPI takes the battle of sharing to the next level

The IFPI takes the battle to the next level. IFPI is an organsation that protects copyright. They have recently made an request in the war against piracy. A request that if it pass it will be the first step to George Orwells 1984 society. They want to block sites that help the members of the internet to share information. We at fight the society belivies that file sharing is a movement with political grounds. To try to stop it would be like trying to stop the democracy. We at fight the society want to congratulate IFPI to take the first step to make 1984 a reality.

Fight The society first entry

This is the first blog entry of fight the society. Who are we? We are group of swedish software pirates. We are some of the people that still dares to show what we think. We are the people that will fight the RIAA and the swedish anti-piracu bureau, we will make our stand here on the internet, were we belong and are strong. This isnt a declartion of independence nor is it a war declartion. This is a declarition of peace. We dont want this war. We only fight to defend ourselfs. With any means necessary. If we have to we will hack your websites,we will make spend as much as you gain in the war against piracy. This is the voice of the people, this is the voice of those how dare to fight the society. This is words of those how have taken the red pill......